Functional Aesthetics

Although many property owners have heard about soffits, few are aware of the important role they play in protecting your home. Typically made out of vinyl (but occasionally made from wood or metal), a soffit is the visible, protective surface beneath the roof’s overhang that connects the gap between the roof and the home’s siding.

Designed to protect the overhang from moisture and to keep the roof cool – which prolongs its life – the vented soffit helps ventilate the attic by moving air up and out through the ridge vent. Sometimes the soffit can become damaged by tree limbs, small critters or water spillage from the gutters.

If you notice damage to your soffits, please call so we can assess the situation and recommend the best components or system to protect your home. The soffit is located on the underside of the overhang, with the fascia on the front of the soffit. You can learn more about fascia here.