Stylish Protection

The fascia is an integral part of the system that protects your roof. Covering the front of the soffit, the fascia board runs along the roofline to hold the gutters in place. Providing both substance and style, it also provides a nice, finished edge to the roofline.

Like siding and soffit, fascia can be made from several different materials, including wood, aluminum, plastic and vinyl. Damage can occur when water gets behind the fascia, most often as the result of blocked gutters, improper construction methods or ice dams. Cracks or discoloration can indicate problems with your fascia, so it should be inspected right away to prevent extensive damage.

When getting your fascia repaired or replaced, ask your roofing contractor if they install a metal drip edge as part of their process – this is another way to decrease the potential of water damage. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a free inspection and estimate.